Accredited Carpet Care Expert

Accredited Carpet Care Expert

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  • Accredited Carpet Care Expert, attend in person at your local ACE Regional Campus.
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Accredited Carpet Care Expert

Carpets are considered, by some, to be more of a health concern than the restroom in a building.

Learn why and how to maintain this floor surface in a healthy manner.

Most modern carpeting is comprised of man-made fibers that are very durable. When maintained properly, they can withstand years of heavy use. It is important to understand though, unlike hard surface floors, the dynamic nature of carpeted flooring can h

Course Material Includes Topics Such As:

  • Green and Healthy Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Maintenance Programs
  • CRI/System Performance Attributes
  • Prevention of Carpet Soiling
  • Identification
  • Dry Soil Removal
  • Spotting
  • Low Moisture Routine Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Restoration Cleaning
  • Wet Carpet Cleaning
  • Encapsulation Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning and VOC's
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