Citra-Shield® Concentrate Industrial Strength - Gal.

Citra-Shield® Concentrate Industrial Strength - Gal.

Item # CS-1GCN

  • The ultimate weapon against black and green stains.
  • Produces 6-10 gallons of stain-relinquishing cleaner
  • Tackles diverse surfaces, it can revert just about anything back to its original, pristine state
  • No scrubbing, rinsing, or power washing involved
  • Works around the clock to clean, so you don't have to
Gal., ea
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The heavy-duty cleaner cuts through deep stains on wood, brick, stone, tile, stucco, and siding. Wet directly onto decks, fences, pavers, driveways, walkways, sidings, marble headstones, sidewalks, patio furniture, and more for a professional cleanse and dazzling finish. Apply to any surface, than watch the magic unfold as the contractor-grade formula continuously restores and renews.

Fights Grime Over Time

  • Now you can splash and dash with Citra-Shield's time release formula. Apply a generous coat of diluted product to all affected regions, then walk away for sparkling results.
  • The stains will disappear with rainfall over the next 1-6 months for black colors and within 1-6 weeks for most other stains.
  • Saves time, no rinsing or pressure washing.
  • No bleach.