HDOX Red Dilution w/Sprayer

HDOX Red Dilution w/Sprayer

Item # GEM-1760R-EA

  • HDOX is the one product that can handle most of your daily cleaning tasks. One product for 95% of all cleaning tasks.
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Red Bottle and Trigger ONLY, this bottle does not contain product.

When Peroxy HDOX comes into contact with organic matter like microbes, HDOX attacks it, releasing an extra Oxygen molecule to attack the organic matter and breaks it up. HDOX leaves behind virtually no residue. This process makes Peroxy HDOX highly effective and does not require a rinse.

  • Three dilutions: General Purpose Cleaning, Sanitizer, EPA Registered Disinfectant.
  • Concentrate and dilutions are all Rated at 0,0,0 for Health, Flammability, and Reactivity.
  • Does not contain Ammonium, d-Limonene, Linear Alcohols, Mineral Acids or THFA.
  • Meets US Green Building council LEED requirements for a disinfectant.
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