Karma 360 Micro Scrubber

Karma 360 Micro Scrubber

Item # K360-9001

  • Helping Facilities Ban the Mop Karma 360 The New Standard in Small Space Cleaning
  • Karma 360 The New Standard in Small Space Cleaning
  • Unit includes: one battery, charger, and two (2) blue medium scrub brushes
  • The K360 is a compact, battery powered automatic micro-floor scrubber / dryer that increases productivity and provides improved cleaning results.
  • Designed, tooled, and assembled in the USA with as high of U.S. content as possible, Karma 360 is able to offer the K360 at a cost that is up to 30% lower than many competitive foreign made units.
  • Designed for robustness and ease of service, the intelligent and simple design utilizes approximately 40% fewer parts than some competitive units and incorporates components designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Made in the USA
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Karma 360 – K360 Type Walk Behind Micro-Scrubber

Brushes Twin Counter Rotating 9 in / 229 mm

Cleaning Path 18 in / 458 mm

Productivity Theoretical (per hour) 19,375 sq. ft. / 1800 sq. m.

Practical Performance (per hour) 10,764 sq. ft. / 1,000 sq. m. to 14,000 sq. ft. / 1,300 sq. m.

Brush RPM 350

Solution Tank Capacity 1 gal / 4 L

Recovery Tank Capacity 1.5 gal / 6 L

Battery Run Time(80% Charge) Up to 70 minutes

Power Source One Lithium-Ion Pack (25.2V, 21AH, 529Wh)

LengthxWidthxHeight 14 in x 19 in x 50 in / 356 mm x 483 mmx1,270mm

Weight 49.65 lbs / 22.52 kg

Specifications subject to change. Productivity and run time will vary based on selected operating functions, floor types and conditions. The K360 contains domestic and globally sourced components. Karma 360 is committed to as high of US content as possible.