Pack: 3/CASE

MaskIT® Wall Mounted Dispenser - White


  • This feminine hygiene disposal is easy to install, easy to refill, compact and locking. Dispenser does not come pre-filled with pouches.
  • Dispenser capacity: 50 large and 50 small pouches
  • Use refill: MASKV250LC & MASKV250SC
White, 3/cs
  • Description

Dispenser should be mounted in every stall in a location where they can be read and reached from the seated position. Can be installed with 4 screws or with double sided mounting tape. Weighs just 1 lb. 4 oz. when stocked full with 100 MaskIT® pouches. Please Note: Upon initial installation, you may experience a higher rate of usage as people can be curious about new products. However, our customers consistently report that usage normalizes after the first few months.