Divided Bucket w/Roller Combo Kit

Divided Bucket w/Roller Combo Kit


  • This Tab Mop system will be the perfect kit to ensure that you are not spreading dirt around your floor and you are correctly cleaning the floor.
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Don’t mop floors with dirty water again!  This system separates soils, dirt, and contaminants from the cleaning solution and rinses the microfiber, tab mop pads each time.  Use less cleaning agents and get better results on any type of flooring surfaces using this system.

This special roller wringer ensures that each use of this Roller Combo, mops the floor with the same clean, damp mop, leaving the floor clean and safe. This Roller Combo system will help you standardize the outcome and performance of the floor cleaning tasks. 

The system includes a red tab mop pad for restrooms and a blue tab mop pad for general floor cleaning.  These color-coded pads attach to the tab mop holder and the adjustable aluminum handle.