Tornado® Marathon Room-Mate Carpet Extractor

Tornado® Marathon Room-Mate Carpet Extractor

Item # TOR-98262

  • Effortless operation and maximum productivity with tank-less operation.
  • Recovery tank: 13 gal.; Cord: 20', 14/3 yellow
  • Solution hose: 50' L; Peak airwatts: 673; PSI: 220
  • Vacuum motor: Airwatt; Tank construction: Roto-mold
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Designed specifically for use in apartments, hotel rooms, or similar applications. A portable carpet extractor perfect for everything from interim maintenance to deep restoration cleaning. The dump valve on the recovery tank is set to ADA height standards and allows the recovered solution to be drained in a standard toilet.


  • Constructed of durable rotationally molded polyethylene, this unit reflects Tornado's commitment to design standards that will endure the rigors of daily usage.
  • This unit has a compact vertical design, allowing ease of storage, mobility and operation.
  • With simple, user-friendly controls the Room-Mate can be operated with minimal training.
  • Without a built-in solution tank, it allows operators to use a bath tub, sink, or even a bucket as the solution/water source.
  • With the unit designed to sit in place as a cleaning station, the operator is handling only the hose and wand as they clean, affording the convenience of a truck-mount, but in a portable unit.
  • The Room-Mate gives operators the ability to quickly set up, extract and move onto the next cleaning site with ease. Tank-less operation improves productivity and reduces costs.