Tornado® Glazer™ 1500 Electric High Speed Burnisher

Tornado® Glazer™ 1500 Electric High Speed Burnisher

Item # TOR-98457

  • Ultra high 1.5 hp motor with low start up and operating amperage. All steel guard triple planetary gear box for low maintenance and protection.
  • 44.5" H x 20.5" W x 31" L
  • Power system: PM DC rectified motor
  • Wheel type: 4" non-marking, self lubricating
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Each machine in Tornado's® line of high-speed electric burnishers are expertly balanced for ideal pressure and sustained RPMs.


  • All Tornado hi-speed bases are steel, designed for years of use and precision balance.
  • All units include 20" burnishing path, a lock-in retainer pad holder, 1.5 HP motor, and Tornado's Start Guard II handle.
  • Intelligent design - All Glazers[TM] feature a height adjustable handle, carrying grip, sturdy motor shroud, and ear-mounted stair climbing wheels for transport on inclines and steps.
  • Disc pads - Each unit in the Glazer[TM] family features a flex pad holder with lock-in retainer. When used with the appropriate pad this is the ideal solution for routine cleaning.


  • Power: 115V/60 Hz
  • Pad Size: 20"
  • Pad Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Pad Pressure: 16 lbs
  • Flex Pad Holder: Lock-in Retainer
  • Power Cord: 75'
  • Weight w/out Cable: 102 lbs