Tornado® BD33/30 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber -33" Twin Disk

Tornado® BD33/30 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber -33" Twin Disk

Item # TOR-99780CG

  • To ensure worker safety, the machine includes a roll-bar for greater operator protection. Ergonomic handle and easy-to-read control panel displays.
  • Solution/recovery tank: 30/32 gal.
  • Vac motor: .7 hp; Brush motor: 1.5 hp
  • Batteries: (3) 234 AH AGM
33", Twin Disk, 234 AH AGM, ea
List Price: $42,044.40/EA
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For effortless operation, Tornado’s ride-on BR 28/30, BD 26/30 and BR/BD 33/30 units offer an automatic mode which will start all necessary operations of the scrubber once it is turned on. This system also gradually starts all of the motors and constantly controls the operation parameters to guarantee longer run-time and reliability. When in reverse, this machine also includes an automatic squeegee retraction feature. The environmentally preferred BR units offer the latest modern enhancement, cylindrical brush technology. The use of cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture cleaning design and deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 1300 RPM, over six times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers.

Vac motor: .7 hp; Brush motor: 1.5 hp. Batteries: (3) 234 AH AGM.


  • Steering radius of only 6 feet for maneuvering tight corners.
  • Simple operator interface.
  • Exceptionally durable rotomolded polyethylene construction.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Multiple brush pressure settings.
  • Parabolic squeegee. Heavy duty assembly featuring a four-sided rear blade with quick release lever to facilitate squeegee changes in 10 seconds or less! This ensures a lower cost of ownership.
  • Quick brush change. Deck shroud peals back allowing easy access to change brushes.
  • Comes standard with pad holders. When used with the appropriate pad, this is the ideal solution to daily maintenance cleaning. The BD machines can be fitted with a variety of optional scrub brushes, a time-proven solution for smooth floors.


  • Machine Dimensions: 65" L x 36" W x 51" H
  • Net Weight: 690 lbs.
  • Squeegee Width: 45"
  • Tank Construction: Polyethylene
  • Brush RPM: 162
  • Brush Pressure: 187 lbs. (max)
  • Cleaning Rate: 55,952 sq ft per hour
  • Sound Level: 70 dB